We offer a number of exciting programs that will fit the needs of nearly any age group or level of interest. Our Taekwondo student's ages run from 4 to 67!

Our instructors bring nearly 75 years of combined martial arts training and instruction to assist in the development of all students.  We take pride in our approach to instruction.  While some schools simply dump a student into a group, we recognize everyone has different goals and different skill levels.  We provide constant feedback in a positive, goal-directed manner to maximize a student's efforts.  We have the experience to teach the youngest beginner as well as to train the competition-driven veteran.  For the majority who fall somewhere in between, we offer training and exercise that deliver excellent results.

Please take a moment to tour our web site to see what may interest you.  Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.  Don't forget to take advantage of one free week of instruction!