Professor John Ouano Returns


Saturday, September 21st from 10am to 12pm we’re hosting a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar focusing on Sweeps and Back Takes from the Guard taught by 4th Degree Professor John Ouano!

You don't want to miss this seminar from the awesome Professor John Ouano! Professor Ouano is a 4th degree black belt from California with unbelievable knowledge. Only $40 to register.

All skill levels welcome!

Global Martial Arts Is Running an End of School Special Now Through May 31st


The special includes four weeks of martial arts training for $40!

We offer state of the art Martial Arts Training: Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Cardio Kickboxing, Martial Arts Tricking. All classes taught by Black Belts with great teacher to student ratios.

Free uniform included!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Leg Lock Seminar with Justin Rice

Global Martial Arts is proud to be hosting a Leg Lock Seminar with Justin Rice!

Justin is a Tsunami Black Belt under John Ouano. He will be teaching leg lock techniques and principles in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

This is event is taking place on March 2nd, from 11 am - 1 pm at Global Martial Arts in Tomball.

Tickets will be $40. Call us or purchase tickets online to reserve your space.

Brazillian Jiu Jitzu Leg Lock Seminar.jpg

John Ouano Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar

John Veloso Ouano, a 4th-degree black belt, of Ouano Intl and head of Team Tsunami will be conducting a seminar on August 11th at Global Martial Arts. He will be focusing on bottom of side control and bottom of half guard for this seminar. Belt promotions will follow after the seminar is completed. 

$20 off for members. Call for a discount. 281-251-5088